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Introducing CHEN, the Ultimate Connected Travellock.

metalic strap
Gps tracker
Bluetooth 4.2
scale's quick hook

Worldwide Tracking Solution

Check and locate your luggage anywhere. A GPS and GSM chip allows you to track your luggage throughout the world and to follow it with the app.


Easily Weigh your luggage and say goodbye to luggage overweight and endless negociation with company crew

One touch opening

Lock and unlock your piece of luggage via the app with keys never leaving pockets.

Beautifuly Reliable

Confidence has its specs


Inside Zamcac bodyshell provide CHEN an incredible resistance shocks and aggression.


Overmolded Silicone Skin makes CHEN fully water resistant, garantee endless usage traveling worlwide.


CHEN delicate metalic chain masks a 3 mm diameter stainless steel wire.


CHEN compatibility with TSA Norm




CHEN is fully compatible with bluetooth 4.0.


EN 12320 resistance norm


Fully and IOS & android compatible


IP 64



Brown Silicone Body


Grey Silicone

Le ravissant

Pink Silicone


White Silicone


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What is CHEN? How does it work?

Chen is a connected device. At first sight, it looks like a luxurious accessory to securely lock your luggage with. But this is not just an accessory, it is more! This lovely device has an integrated technology system that allows you to feel reassured while you are traveling around the world. It will allow you to always know where your luggage is, through three innovative features.

The first functionality of this device is a tracking system. This allows you to locate your luggage if ever the airline company or the airport services send it off to the wrong destination. Unfortunately, we know this can happen. With this, one look at your smartphone and its corresponding app will show you where CHEN is, wherever you are in the world.

weighing hook that will instantly send the weight of you suitcase(s) to the paired app. No more worrying at the counter when registering for your flight. The third functionality is a Bluetooth operated locking system. No need for keys anymore, and no risk of loosing them. You can lock and unlock through the CHEN app, directly from your smartphone.

How can I open CHEN if my smartphone battery is flat?

Do not worry.You can use any other smartphone, even borrow one around you. You just have to download the app, login with your personal user ID and password, and you will be able to open your device. Generally, people travel with their power cable, which makes the process quicker. However, this option is also possible, so there is always a way for you to have access to the lock/unlock functionality of your CHEN device.

Does CHEN work with all types of luggage?

Chen is small and adapts to every single type of bagage. We have designed CHEN for it to be used on all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can use it as any other padlock, by locking it trough the zip grip closure of your bag. Chen is much more however, as it is the first accessory to offer innovative functionalities. You can choose to use CHEN not only as a simple secured lock; it can be placed where you want, even inside your bag.

How precise is CHEN'S tracker?

A GPS and GSM chip allows you to track your luggage, the accuracy of the signal depending of the Network your device is in: network quality might vary from one country to another. You will see its location on the map, the accuracy being of 150 m, on average. Close enough to know which airport has your luggage, and where it is in the airport.

tech specs

Need more info? Please have a look at the tech specs of CHEN. We’ve used Latest technology & quality materials




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